Finances & Donations

Financial Arrangements

The Celo Health Center is a non-profit organization. This gives us the privilege of applying for grants for our building, equipment, electronic record system, and educational programs. This keeps our overhead low and allows us to keep our fees reasonable and accept assignment for most insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. However, we receive no funding for operational expenses except income from patient care. To continue to serve the community, we require all patients to pay their portion of their bill not covered by insurance (co-payment, deductible, percentage, or the entire amount if you have no insurance) at the time of their visit.  It is our policy to treat all patients, regardless of income. We have a discounted/sliding fee scale available and no one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay. Please ask for an application if you need assistance.

Methods of donating:

Since we are a 501c non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. Checks can be made to the Celo Health Center, with a designation in the memo that it is a donation, and, if so desired, what you would like it to be put towards, such as “building”, “equipment”, “education”. The “Dreyer Fund” was established in 2002, in memory of Bill Dreyer, a major force in our community who contributed much of his time to the Celo Health Center. These funds are used to help patients without means to pay for their medications. Please indicate “Dreyer Fund” in the memo if this is how you would like your donation to be used.

Many thanks to our major contributors


  • The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
  • The Duke Endowment
  • The Janirve Foundation
  • The Cannon Foundation
  • The John Wesley And Anna Hodgin Hanes Foundation
  • The Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina
  • The Steele-Reece Foundation
  • Mission-St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation
  • The Community Foundation of North Carolina
  • The Blumenthal foundation
  • The Mitchell-Yancey Partnership for Children
  • The North Carolina Office of Rural Health
  • The US Department of Agriculture

Founders ($10,000 or more)

  • Robert Gordon
  • Marcia Kelly
  • Anonymous
  • Autry Tree and Landscaping
  • Carl A. Boggs, Jr.
  • James and Jean Bowers
  • John G. and Doris Edge
  • James Floyd

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